Today in 2016-Things I’d like to publicly announce!

I wish I started writting eveything in one site and Right Now.. Yuhu!! Finally I’ve made up my mind to secure one online home after my long lost high school chemistry diary didn’t continue.

The first-I’m seriously more horrified to be stuck in that snob bubble than to see Pocong by myself.  I shit, you not. I don’t know what I’m doing. Sometimes when I was in the capital of Jakarta, I just do things that excite and scare me all at once, things that are completely foreign to my eyes. Yep, it was trying to hit every tall building that seem illegal but it was legal anyway. Need to remember “Don’t do anything you want because you want people to like it, do it because you really want to.” As an absolute cost, making mistakes is one of them. I’ve dealt with security units but after I had explained that I had some business in which floor on that Tower then They allowed me to enjoy the view.

More pictures can be seen by hit the top buttom of this page. It was an untradable luxury for every drop of sweat and penny that costed me once I’ve invested heavily in experiences to kill the fear. aha. It made me smile all day today when I thought of all the things that brought me there. I did things. And so proudly,  I’ve learned most things I know today by doing, and my firsthand experiences-maybe it supported with I’m not a type of smart guy in my age. It Must’ve been loved.

I didn’t grow up with luxuries most kids of my age had, especially when it comes to support to be architect. My family refused me to go to Arch school at IPB when I started getting university. So that I changed my major with very limited adaptability. Ya it was. And I know that we all have different privileges. Mine has been the best tool in getting myself closer to every dream I have WITHOUT EXCEPTION enjoying the luxury architect designs. Of course it’s not yet a finish line, but every day is must be lived with joy even if it’s hard. Sometime I worked extremely hard for everything that I want to but in the other hand I know I’m not smart so I let it go sometime. Haha. I knew too that I didn’t win the birth lottery and everything that it entails, which left me no option but to work smart enough to get my shit together and achieve every objective I have in my life. Haha a stupid boy talking a bullshit. No problem this is my site.

Standing from where I now, some of you already know that I’m apart of (((DJP))) so lucky one. I might have reached the point where I’m absolutely detached from what the crazy things in the university. Sometime I know what I’m capable of and what’s there for me instead of thinking about my pass. I’M TOTALLY DIFFERENT now. But in this stage of my life, I had lost that desire to pursue the things –to become an international student– -Maybe a year or two years ago, I’d run into some FE UI students or international students to absorb what I could learn from them. And also, I’d grab any chance and proudly share what I’ve achieved to my friends and families (and strangers) but now I don’t see the world the way I used to. My thoughts today is some of us are trying so hard to get rich quick, in job in life, adding shit to write on our resume and thirsty of publicity and excessive admire, hm.. the ride is very exciting.  Sometime you can not compare your student life and job life these are extremely different. Making money is hard.



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